So you have roaches in your house. You didn't always have them. One day they just showed up. You don't let trash pile up. You clean it on a regular basis. Your home is clean and far from dirty. So why do you have roaches then? Do you need to be cleaner? Is your definition of clean not good enough? Was there something that you have done more of to avoid this pest problem?

The honest truth is your home doesn't need to be dirty to attract roaches. You don't need piles of garbage to attract them. In fact, there are always roaches constantly searching for a new home. Chances are you had a few scout out your place and found all they ever needed to thrive. Which isn’t very much?  Almost any home is suitable.

roaches in housePerhaps you have some hidden and unknown problems with your house that kept the roaches there. A great example of this Is a leaking pipe. Moisture, water, warmth and darkness make the ideal roach home. Considering they can eat almost anything including cardboard and glue, food won't be much of a problem for them.

Sneaking into your home is a breeze for roaches due to their small size. They can squeeze through small openings such as window and door trims. These areas should be sealed with caulk to prevent easy entrance into your home. Any small opening left unsealed will allow them to squeeze right through and enter your home.

There's also the chance that some hitchhiked their way into your house. Their small sizes allow them to hide in many different places. A bag of clothes and cardboard boxes are popular with roaches. Let's not forget about small and large appliances too. Even what may seem to be an empty cardboard box may be hiding several roaches. They can easily hide under the flaps at the bottom where you will never suspect that there’s something hiding underneath it.

The best way to prevent hitchhikers is to not bring in suspect items at all. If you're moving one item from a roach infested location to another, it’s pretty much a guarantee that you'll be moving some if the roach population as well.  Try some of these treatments at if you need more info and ideas for treatments.

Remember it doesn't take much to lure in cockroaches to your home. You don't even have to unknowingly offer food for them. Sometimes they just make their way in in hopes of a better place to stay. And if that wasn't the case they could hitchhike their way in in numerous items. Having roaches in house isn't always your fault alone.